'Apart from my admiration for her virtuosity as a painter, I find myself irresistibly drawn to Kitty North's work by two of her favourite themes - one might almost say obsessions, Yorkshire and Australia, both of which as an expatriate Australian, I share. ' We fell in love with and bought her richly imaginative Turner and His Dog'
The Dowager Countess of Harewood, North to South, 2005
'Art is Kitty North's language, her means of making sense of the world.
Her love and the process of painting are central to her life.
Kitty North is something of a nature poet'
Andrew Lambirth, Love and Landscape, 1998
'Kitty North is a natural committed painter giving to hear art endless hours of work both the collection of visual data and its processing. It seems she was born this way. Her childhood awareness to mature professional production has been seamless. She meets her god in nature'
Norbert Lynton, Sept 2000

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